Why is Tinder bad for your mental health

    Why is Tinder bad for your mental health

  • 1 Loss of self-esteem

    Tinder's system is designed to allow people to quickly accept or reject others. If a person gets rejected many times, which often happens on Tinder, he can suffer from a loss of self-esteem.

  • 2 Over-supply makes people overly selective

    The fact that people can get new dates with a few swipes makes them much more selective, and as a result the possibility of rejection becomes higher. See why Instagram is bad for you.

  • 3 People become fickle

    As a result of the ease of finding new partners, some Tinder users have become very fickle. These people easily get bored of the ones they talk to and find themselves motivated to search for new partners.

  • 4 The desire for novel partners

    When a person expects a reward the chemical dopamine is released in his brain. Because dopamine results in feelings of pleasure, a typical person would want to get more dopamine. As a person keeps swiping for new dates, he keeps getting a dopamine rush which prevents him from settling down.

  • 5 Shallow selection

    Tinder lets people decide whether they want to be with someone or not based solely on their looks. The fact that looks play the major role on Tinder makes the selection criteria very shallow.

  • 6 It's addictive

    The fact that dopamine is an addictive substance and that variable rewards, such as finding someone replying to you, is also addictive makes the app extremely addictive. See what causes Gambling addiction.

  • 7 People looking for one night stands

    Many people use Tinder to look for one night stands. The self-esteem of the ones being used that way can be ruined.

  • 8 You can be replaced with a swipe

    Because of the ease of finding a new partner, many people don't really care much about keeping the ones they are talking to. As soon as a person gets dissatisfied with anything he will just swipe and find someone else.

  • 9 Can make you feel ugly

    Because selection is based solely on physical looks, a person can end up believing that he is ugly if he doesn't get any matches. See Why do i look ugly in videos.

  • 10 You might end up with the wrong person

    Many people don't put their real age and use highly edited pictures to appear more attractive. As a result, you might end up with someone who is not your type.

  • 11 Some people only want to flirt

    Many people use Tinder to flirt and that's it. These people usually don't have intentions to meet up or to date. Your self-esteem can be affected if you come across one of these people as a result of believing that you are not that desirable. See why are some people players.

  • 12 Comparisons can ruin your self-esteem

    If you aren't getting any matches or getting few ones compared to one of your close friends, for example, then this kind of comparison can ruin your self-esteem.