Why is Vine App popular

    Why is Vine App popular

  • 1 People needed Vines already

    People needed short videos to easily express themselves, upload them fast and get more viewers. The fact the vines are longer than Gifs also made vines more appealing. What the Vine app did is it provided supply for an already existing demand (See why are vines popular).

  • 2 Faster than Instagram

    Vine is fast. It allows people to both create and view videos in seconds. Because the overall attention span of humans is getting lower each year vines appeal so much to people, especially younger ones with shorter attention spans (See why is Instagram popular).

  • 3 Acquired by Twitter

    The fact that the APP was acquired by twitter at a very early stage made it even more popular. Twitter is a very large company and it can easily reach millions of users in a short period of time.

  • 4 The infinity loop

    Vines are played over and over in the Vine App. As soon as you check a video it keeps playing over and over until you stop it. The infinity loop made vines more interesting to people.

  • 5 It's very easy to use

    As a general rule, the easier an App is to use the more popular it becomes. Because Vine App is very easy to use it became popular fast (See why simple apps are more likely to become popular).

  • 6 Vines spread fast

    Vines are easier to share, they get more views and can easily become popular. The fact that they gave people a higher chance of getting popular made them even more popular (See why do people share things online).

  • 7 People were already complaining about long Instagram videos

    Before vine app was introduced, some Instagram users reported feeling unhappy with the 15 second videos and thought that they were too long. Vine came to the rescue.

  • 8 People wanted to share instant videos

    Just like people needed to share instant photos and so used Snapchat, they also needed an App to share instant videos of themselves (See why we want everything fast).