Why is YouTube so popular?

    Why is YouTube so popular?

  • 1 The largest video website on the internet

    YouTube hosts the largest number of videos available in a single place on the internet. This makes it the number one source for video material for many people.

  • 2 Google is the owner and promotes it

    YouTube is owned by Google who regularly promotes it in its search engine results. When a keyword is searched on Google, it automatically suggests any related videos as well.

  • 3 Has many musical videos

    People like listening to music and YouTube hosts just about every musical video ever published. Anytime people want to listen to a song they can find it on YouTube.

  • 4 Has many funny videos

    YouTube hosts many funny videos. People who are looking for a quick laugh can easily find such videos on YouTube.

  • 5 Sometimes has full movies

    Sometimes users upload entire movies on YouTube. Anyone looking for an easily accessible movie can perhaps find it on YouTube.

  • 6 It started first

    YouTube was the first major video website with user generated content and thus attracted its audience first among all the similar websites available today.

  • 7 Easily accessible

    YouTube is easily accessible from a computer, TV, tablet or smartphone. Its 'ease of use' approach makes it accessible to people of all sorts of technical competence.

  • 8 The content is user generated

    YouTube focuses on user generated content, unlike TV. Anybody can upload a video on YouTube and make it available to the entire world.

  • 9 Many celebrities have official channels there

    Many celebrities such as musicians have official YouTube channels and have fans following their channels.

  • 10 It has rare and obscure footage available

    YouTube has rare and pretty hard to find footage available. This fact makes it a popular source when people are looking for a rare or historical footage.

  • 11 Translated interface

    YouTube's interface is translated to many languages. This makes it easier to use for those who don't understand English.

  • 12 Movie and game trailers are released there

    Most movies and games have their trailers released on YouTube first. Months and months of media hype culminate on a YouTube page with millions of people watching the trailer.

  • 13 Server's capabilities

    Back when YouTube first launched its website, it wasn't very affordable to have a server capable of holding a large number of videos. YouTube servers made it easier for anyone with video content to get wired to the internet.

  • 14 It's great for wasting time

    Most people like to procrastinate and waste time instead of facing their life problems. YouTube is a great tool for diverting somebody's attention to less serious themes.

  • 15 It hosts very interesting documentaries

    Many interesting, high production documentaries are hosted on YouTube. In addition, many filmed lectures can also be found there, providing an excellent opportunity for education.

  • 16 It hosts exclusive shows

    Many exclusive shows are filmed just for the YouTube audience. The popularity of such shows boosted YouTube's popularity.

  • 17 Videos are very easy to upload and be released

    YouTube made it very easy to upload a video and release it to the public. Before YouTube, this was an expensive and non-trivial task.