Why is fast and furious so successful

    Why is fast and furious so successful

  • 1 Men love cars

    Typical men like cars. The movie has many different types of cars that each man can easily find a car that best represents him. Car races and intense car action made the movie very appealing to many men (See why men like cars).

  • 2 Wide variety of talented actors

    Because Fast and furious has a wide variety of actors people easily were able to find actors to identify with. The fact that actors come from different countries and races made it much easier for a person to find an actor that resembles him.

  • 3 Extreme action

    With each new Movie released the Fast and Furious series takes action to a new level. The fact that the movie has intense action made it more appealing to action lovers especially men.

  • 4 Dangerous stunts

    The fast and furious series became famous for its dangerous stunts, some of which can hardly be seen in another movie. The novelty and the excitement resulting from those stunts made the movie more interesting and helped the word of mouth spread further.

  • 5 Mixture of multiple Geners

    The fast and furious series has a mixture of multiple genres. Its an action, thriller, adventure and sometimes a comedy movie. This wide diversity helped the movie get more diverse audience.

  • 6 Many Famous actors

    The fast and furious series has a wide range of famous actors with each having his own fans. Paul walker, Dwayne Johnson, Vin diesel, Jason Statham and many of the other popular actors made the movie even more popular.

  • 7 People became emotionally connected to the team

    Because the series has been going for sometime so many people became connected to the team of actors. As the series created some hardcore fans those fans helped the next releases become even more popular.

  • 8 High production budget

    The Series is backed by a high production budget. This made it possible to do some extraordinary stunts that made the series even more appealing.

  • 9 International settings aimed for Global audiences

    Universal pictures realized that a large sum of money can be done by marketing the movie internationally. Based on that decision the movie series was shot in different countries thus helping more international audiences find it relatable.

  • 10 Universal pictures was very persistent

    The first movie of the series wasn't very successful. The same happened for Tokyo drift however universal pictures as very persistent as it kept making changes and producing new movies until the series became widely popular.

  • 11 Human actors act like super heroes

    The human actors in the Fast and furious series are like super heroes in disguise. The actors do extraordinary things that can hardly be done by a human. Because many people love super heroes they found the series very appealing.

  • 12 Romance Mixed with Action

    The fast and furious series usually involve some romance. The combination of romance and action makes the movie very suitable for couples.

  • 13 So many beautiful actors

    The series has so many beautiful actors that a very broad audience finds it appealing. Its not hard for a person to find one of his favorite beautiful actors in the series.

  • 14 The series is strongly connected

    As new movies were produced the series maintained its original story thus making it more relatable to original fans. While each movie has its different story still strong connections to the past series are also found.