Why is Game of Thrones so popular

    Why is Game of Thrones so popular

  • 1 Shows how power struggle works

    Game of Thrones is all about the power struggle between the people who want to rule. While so many people hear about power struggles, they hardly see it happening in detail.

  • 2 It addresses the social and political problems of the day

    Game of Thrones addresses the very controversial social and political problems, such as racism, in an indirect way. Game of Thrones is one of the most successful shows in utilizing world building.

  • 3 It's complex and cognitively engaging

    The plot is very complex that you can easily get lost. This type of complexity makes the show very engaging and motivates people to watch more to fully understand what's going on and what will happen next.

  • 4 Characters are very complex and diverse

    The Characters in game of thrones are very complex and diverse. It's very easy for a person to find a character he can relate to in the show because of the wide diversity of characters. Characters have also complex personalities and this makes them more relatable.

  • 5 Fantasy, war, sex, gore plus an interesting plot

    While those aren't the main reasons Game of Thrones is popular, the wide variety of genres is still one of the reasons why so many people find Game of Thrones interesting.

  • 6 Rewarding aha moments keep the brain engaged

    The aha moments that happen when a person understands a complex part of the plot can be very rewarding. Dopamine, a chemical that promotes a positive mood, gets released and the person gets hooked to the show.

  • 7 Unexpected twists

    The Game of thrones series is anything but predictable. Major characters die, good people do bad things and many unexpected twists happen that it becomes hard for a person to guess what will happen next. This makes game of thrones very exciting and engaging (See why unexpected rewards motivate us).

  • 8 The characters are very realistic

    Unlike many other shows, the characters are very realistic. Under pressure, a good character might do horrible things, while a bad character might change and do something good. Because there is no clear line between good and bad in Game of Thrones, the show seems very realistic and relatable.

  • 9 Characters evolve

    The Game of Thrones characters evolve and undergo major changes. Because characters don't stay as they are in the show, people find them very interesting. It's very hard to guess how a character would change under the effect of a certain kind of pressure.

  • 10 Very high production budget

    Game of Thrones has a very high production budget. As a result, everything in the show is done neatly and perfectly. This helps people escape more easily from their world and indulge in the world of Game of Thrones (See also why do some people hate game of thrones).

  • 11 Hardcore fans turn into evangelists

    Hardcore fans who are very passionate about the show become evangelists who guide more people to the show. By sharing quotes, pictures and repeating some of the famous things that are said on the show, those fans attract more audience to the show.

  • 12 Appeals to intellectuals

    Because of its complexity, Game of Thrones appeals to intellectuals, in addition to ordinary people. The fact that so many intellectuals watch the show sparks the curiosity of other people and motivates them to check it out.

  • 13 Has good music

    Many people like the music of Game of thrones and believe it gets them more connected to the series.

  • 14 Many of the actors come from working on stage

    Many of the actors in Game of Thrones worked on stages. This helped those actors intensify the drama in the plot by their talented acting. See Game of Thrones summary.