Why some people think horse riding is great

    Why some people think horse riding is great

  • 1 It offers a new experience


    Riding a horse is a novel experience. A speeding horse, a 1200 lbs. living, breathing animal is a different experience from riding a motorcycle or a car. (See also Why novel and bizarre things catch our attention)

  • 2 Opportunity to understand horses better

    Horses are emotional animals. Once the horse gets used to you, you will both form a strong emotional connection. The horse will recognize you, understand you and even miss you. (See also why do we have emotions)

  • 3 It allows men to be more masculine and women to be more liberating

    Long ago, men were hunters and riders. A part of men's identity will always be eager to do the tasks associated with masculinity. This is why horse riding can be very thrilling to men. Women find horses liberating and masculine.

  • 4 It allows more time in nature

    You will spend much more time in nature once you start riding horses. This will make you more relaxed, improve your mood and help you appreciate life more.

  • 5 Horse riders become healthier and in a better shape

    Riding a horse is a demanding physical activity. Your legs will get stronger, your core muscles and lower body will develop and you will be in better shape.

  • 6 Make new friends

    Horse riders expand their circle of friends - meet coaches, other horse riders, competitors and breeders. Your social life will improve.

  • 7 Opportunity to bond with an animal

    Since you will be spending 2 to 4 hours with your horse each time you go for a ride, you two will develop a special bond of mutual respect and friendship. You will learn how a horse can be as close to you as a dog is to its owner.

  • 8 More respect for other animals

    By seeing firsthand how horses are, you will gain more respect for other animals too. You will learn how to appreciate and respect life in all its forms more than you did before.

  • 9 Allows you to compete in tournaments

    If you're into competitions, this will be a chance to prove yourself! You will be able to participate in exciting tournaments with others. Race with or without chariots, jumping over hurdles and many other exciting activities.

  • 10 Allows you to attend horseriding events

    If you don't participate in tournaments, there will be many other events such as medieval games, shows for families and the list goes on.

  • 11 It provides a sense of extra freedom

    When you ride a horse you can run anywhere, jump over obstacles and experience true freedom. Such feelings can hardly be experienced in crowded streets and traffic jams.

  • 12 Improves balance and coordination

    Horse riding will teach you how to keep your balance and maintain your body's proper posture.