Why is it getting colder every year

    Why is it getting colder every year

  • 1 Decline in solar activity

    In 2014, climatologist John Casey, a former space shuttle engineer and NASA consultant, said that evidence are mounting that there is a decline in solar activity and this could lead to very cold winters that exist for decades.

  • 2 Decline in sunspots

    Many scientists believe that Earth is experiencing a decline in sunspots and that this directly leads to colder winters.  

  • 3 Global warming theory could be inaccurate

    Some scientists now believe that the global warming theory was not as accurate as it was believed to be. Some believe that global warming was still not properly understood. See what causes climate change.

  • 4 Melting ice could make Europe cold

    According to one theory, the melting of ice in the Icelandic and Greenland seas could cause a flow of warmer water from the tropics to be affected, weakening the Gulf stream and thus leading to cooler temperatures in western Europe.

  • 5 Climate change is happening slower

    Some scientists believe that climate change is making the planet warmer but the other factors are happening much faster, and as a result, the planet is getting colder. Some believe that the earth will get colder for a few decades before it gets warmer.

  • 6 North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO)

    Some believe that the cooling of Earth will happen as a result of changes in the atmosphere and ocean currents in the North Atlantic. This phenomenon is called the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and the Atlantic Meridional Oscillation.

  • 7 It might be caused by global warming

    Some supporters of the global warming theory say that winters are getting colder because as the ice in the poles melt, the resulting water absorbs more heat and so makes the planet cooler. See effects of climate change on the world.

  • 8 Weakening of atmospheric currents

    Some supporters of the global warming theory believe that as the ice melts in the Arctic, the atmospheric current weakens and so colder air is pushed down further causing cold winters.

  • 9 Weather is not climate

    According to scientists, weather is what happens on the short term, while climate is what happens on the long term. Cold weather doesn't mean that climate isn't getting hotter over the long term.