Why is Mortada Mansour popular in Egypt

    Why is Mortada Mansour popular in Egypt

  • 1 He is the chairman of Zamalek SC

    According to Wikipedia, Mortada Mansour was elected as the chairman of Zamalek SC, one of the most popular football teams in Egypt, on 29 March 2014. Zamalek SC has a large number of fans and this contributed to the popularity of Mortada.

  • 2 The repetitive use of the word 'Omak'

    Mortada became famous for his repetitive use of the Arabic word 'أمك' pronounced 'Omak' in English which is an Egyptian swear word that means your mother. The fact that Mortada repeats the word so often to humiliate his enemies, live on TV, made him popular.

  • 3 Some people believe he is working for the regime

    Some people believe that Mortada Mansour is one of the agents of the current regime who is used to inflict harm on the enemies of the state by publicly humiliating them on air.

  • 4 Mortada is a famous laywer

    Mortada Mansour is a very famous lawyer running a big & well known firm in Egypt.

  • 5 Claiming that he has evidence that can jail any person

    Mortada Mansoor got famous on social media for having evidence in the form of a compact disc, that can send anybody to jail. Mortada once grabbed a compact disc out of his pocket, live on air, and claimed it has evidence to jail a known public figure. Since then he became famous for his CDs.

  • 6 Became a meme on social media

    People started creating jokes and memes using pictures of Mortada citing his ability to verbally assault anyone or complain using swears about anything they don't like (See why Memes are popular).

  • 7 Verbally assaulted so many public figures

    Mortada verbally assaulted so many public figures on air, including many of the January 25 revolution activists and the satirical comedian Bassem Youssef.

  • 8 The mystery of being immune

    So many people wonder how Mortada never got jailed even though verbally assaulting someone on air is considered a violation of the Egyptian law. This air of mystery has made Mortada an even more famous figure.

  • 9 Mortada said he will run for the presidential election

    In April 2014, Mortada announced his intention to run for the presidential election in Egypt but he later backed off by saying that he supports General Abd El Fatah El Sisi.

  • 10 He has so many enemies

    Because of his outrageous behavior, Mortada has so many enemies who usually use social media to get back at him.

  • 11 He was physically attacked more than once

    Mortada was attacked more than once by his enemies. Once people broke into his house and destroyed it, and another time, a bottle of urine, which he claimed to be acid, was thrown on him.

  • 12 He makes everything seem bigger than it really is

    Mortada is known for his ability to exaggerate and to make things seem much bigger than they really are. Because of the way he exaggerates things, his videos get extra attention and get passed along more on social networks.

  • 13 He was accused in the camel attack case

    Mortada was accused of being a part of the camel attack case, a very famous Egyptian case where innocent protesters were attacked by people riding camels. Mortada was later acquitted due to lack of evidence; however, the size of the case brought him into the spotlight.