Why is my ear ringing

    Why is my ear ringing

  • 1 Being exposed to very loud sounds

    Working in an environment where you are surrounded by very loud sounds for a long time can lead to ear ringing (tinnitus).

  • 2 Listening to loud music

    Raising up the volume too much when you have headphones in your ears can temporarily lead to ear ringing. 

  • 3 Going to a concert

    Some people could experience ear ringing for some time after attending a loud concert. 

  • 4 Damage to the inner ear

    You might experience a ringing noise in your ear if there's damage to your inner or middle ear.

  • 5 Damage to the eardrum

    If you experienced some form of damage to the eardrum, you might be hearing a ringing in your ear.

  • 6 Due to some medications

    Some medications can cause ear ringing or hearing loss in some cases.

  • 7 Due to an ear infection

    A ringing noise in the ear might happen as a result of an ear infection.

  • 8 Due to ear blockage

    A person whose ear is blocked due to excess wax, for example, might experience a ringing in the ear. 

  • 9 Natural aging process

    Some people start to experience ringing in the ears as a result of the natural aging process.

  • 10 Due to an inner ear condition

    Ringing in the ears can occur as a result of Meniere's disease, a condition that affects the inner ear.

  • 11 Due to some health conditions

    Other health conditions could be the reason behind ringing of ears such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. 

  • 12 Due to head or neck injuries

    Injuries to the head or neck could cause ear ringing. 

  • 13 Due to a jaw problem

    Temporomandibular joint syndrome can cause chronic pain in the jaw, which could lead to ear ringing.