Why is revenge not available - Clash of Clans

  • 1 You already attacked this person

    If you attacked a person then this person attacked you, revenge won't be available. Revenge is only available against people who attack you first.

  • 2 You can only avenge the last 50 attacks

    Revenge is only available for the last 50 attacks. After that you won't be able to avenge yourself.

  • 3 You already took revenge

    If you already took revenge and forgot about it then the revenge button will also be unavailable. You might have forgotten that you already took revenge.

  • 4 The player is online

    If the player is online, the revenge button will be there, but you will get an error telling you that the player is currently online and that you can't attack them.

  • 5 The player has active shield

    You can't attack a player or do a revenge if they have an action shield. In such a case, the button will still be there but you will get an error telling you that the player has active shield.

  • 6 The player was suspended

    Some users suggest that if the player who attacked you was suspended then his village might be removed and so you might not be able to avenge him.