Why is sleeping with the TV switched on a bad idea

    Why is sleeping with the TV switched on a bad idea

  • 1 Problems sleeping

    When you sleep with the TV switched on your brain will still focus on the sounds coming from the television and you might have problems falling asleep (See how to have a good night sleep).

  • 2 Problems during sleep

    In one research it was shown that we do hear while we are asleep. The sounds coming from the TV can lower your sleeping quality. 

  • 3 Your might get nightmares

    As your mind processes whatever the TV has to say while you are asleep nightmares might happen. If for example a horror movie was shown then your brain might catch some of the sounds in that movie and construct a nightmare.

  • 4 The light from TV will disturb your biological clock settings

    The light that computers and TV's emit can fool the brain and make it seem like you are still in the morning. This might result in changes in your biological clock that might prevent you from sleeping well (See why using the laptop in bed is bad).

  • 5 Your mind might get programmed

    According to psychologists the Television can program our minds with new beliefs while we are asleep as our ears listen to what is being said and sends them directly to our subconscious minds.

  • 6 It could lead to depression

    According to a study exposure to dim light at night coming from the TV could cause brain changes that might lead to mood disorders and even depression.

  • 7 The human body was designed to sleep in a cave

    The human mind was designed to sleep in very dark caves. The best sleeping quality can be achieved when all lights are turned off and when the room is completely dark.

  • 8 We get more affected by what we see right before sleep

    Psychologists say that what we see right before falling asleep can have a dramatic impact on our sleep quality and the dreams we see at night (See why we dream).

  • 9 Ads affect our behavior even when we don't pay attention to them

    In one study it was shown that people were affected by the ads they didn't pay attention to. Right before sleep the impact of an ad can become stronger and a person's behavior might change as a result.

  • 10 The brain is forced to work

    According to webmd watching TV, playing a video game or answering an email can lead to cognitive stimulation, stimulation of brain cells, and this can lead to poor sleeping quality (See why using a Smart Phone before sleeping is a bad idea).

  • 11 The fight or flight response might be triggered

    If the TV was featuring an action movie or any other show that might lead to the fight or flight response then our bodies might fail to relax and we might have serious problems sleeping.