Why is Steve Jobs famous

    Why is Steve Jobs famous

  • 1 He revolutionized many industries

    Steve Jobs revolutionized so many industries including personal computers, mobile phones, music and animated movies. Extremely successful entrepreneurs usually affect one industry, but Jobs affected multiple industries (see the greatest achievements of Steve jobs).

  • 2 His story is very emotional

    Jobs was cast out of the company he founded (Apple) before he gloriously returned years later, saved the company from bankruptcy and turned it into the most valuable tech company that ever existed when measured on Market capitalization basis (See how Steve Jobs started Apple).

  • 3 He used to think differently

    Unlike many successful people, Steve Jobs used to think in an extremely different way. He challenged the norm, refused to accept facts as they were, and always believed that a person could create his own reality.

  • 4 He was extremely confident

    Jobs didn't just have a vision, he believed in it to the extent that he used to fire all employees who refused to believe in the vision. He believed that he was enlightened and this belief was obvious in his behavior and extreme confidence (See why was Jobs so persuasive).

  • 5 He said that he wanted to change the world and did it

    Not many people get the chance to have a bold goal and reach it. Jobs once said, 'I want to create a ding in the universe'. He meant that he wanted to change the world and affect people's lives. The fact that he did made him very important.

  • 6 He succeeded more than once

    Many famous entrepreneurs succeeded in creating a great company, but Jobs did that more than once. After being cast out of Apple, he acquired Pixar, a small animation company, then turned it into one of the biggest animation companies in the world.

  • 7 He created superior products

    During his lifetime, Jobs moved from one superior product to the other. The fact that the products that came out of the companies he managed were extremely innovative made him more popular.

  • 8 He died in the midst of his glory

    Jobs died in the midst of his glory. Had he died right after being cast out of Apple, things would have been different, but the fact that he died at a moment where he was seen by everyone as extremely successful made his story even more appealing.

  • 9 He was very rich

    Jobs was worth $100 million when he was 30. He started Apple and turned it into a successful company in his twenties. Jobs led a very rich life. This made him even more famous (see Summary of Jobs Speech at Stanford).

  • 10 He dropped out of college and was adopted

    Jobs dropped out of college to work on his own. He was also an adopted child and he only knew who his real parents were much later in his life. The fact that he was extremely successful despite what he had been through made him a role model for many people.

  • 11 His story is full of setbacks

    Jobs faced many setbacks in life and things weren't always smooth for him. The fact that he succeeded in spite of the many setbacks he faced made his story very inspiring.