Why is Super Mario Run a good game

    Why is Super Mario Run a good game

  • 1 Very good graphics

    Super Mario run has very good high quality graphics. Old super Mario fans can quickly notice the improvement in graphics over old super Mario games. See why super Mario is so popular

  • 2 Retains the old elements

    The game retains most of the old Super Mario elements; thus feels exactly like one of the good old Super Mario games. The mushroom, the star, the pipes, the level design, the enemies and even the music is borrowed from old Mario games.

  • 3 Good replay value

    Even though the world tour is short, the game can still be replayed over and over. Players can get motivated to play again to unlock special characters, to collect more coins or to get more tickets. See also why some people didn't like Super Mario Run.

  • 4 The rally mood is addictive

    The Rally mood which allows players to compete against other players is addictive and adds to the replay value of the game. See why online games are addictive.

  • 5 Many unlockable characters

    Super Mario Run has many interesting unlockable characters including Yoshi, Luigi, Toad and Peach. Each unlockable characters have a special ability and so players might be encouraged to play the game again using them.

  • 6 Nice music

    The game has nice music which also resembles the old super Mario music. The old music makes the game more nostalgic.

  • 7 Creative controls

    While the game can be played with one hand, this didn't stop Nintendo from making the control system creative. Mario can do many moves using just one hand.

  • 8 The game feels nostalgic

    Old Super Mario fans will get the feeling that they are playing a good old Super Mario game. The game retained its full identity thanks to the many old elements included.

  • 9 The kingdom builder is interesting

    The kingdom builder mode is interesting and has very good graphics. After collecting coins and toads, a player can get back to his kingdom to add new buildings and unlock new characters. 

  • 10 Ability to play against friends

    The game allows players to play against their own friends after linking their game to their Nintendo account. The multiplayer mode makes the game more challenging and addictive.

  • 11 World tour levels are re-playable

    The world tour levels have lots of hidden secrets, different paths and lots of coins. This makes the levels highly re-playable as a player might want to get more items from the same level.