Why is The Secret of Mana good

  • 1 It was ahead of its time

    Some people nowadays might check the game and wonder what's good about it, but back in 1993 the game was way ahead of its time. It was very popular back then because it was better than most games at the time.

  • 2 Good graphics and bright colors

    When The Secret of Mana was released in 1993, its graphics and colors were considered impressive. The game was praised for its colorful environment and relatively good graphics. 

  • 3 Its combat system is good

    The Secret of Mana introduced a new and interesting combat system. Instead of the character waiting for their turn, they actively move and attack opponents in a real time combat. The ring menu system was also praised by critics.

  • 4 Expansive plot

    The game was praised by many for its expansive and interesting plot. People agreed that the plot was immersive, interesting and well-created.

  • 5 Good music

    The game was praised for its good music and soundtrack. Critics also praised the soundtrack created by Hiroki Kikuta for the game.

  • 6 Multiplayer modes

    The game was also praised for having multiplayer modes. Unlike ordinary RPGs where a single person has to go through the story alone, Secret of Mana supports multiplayer mode.

  • 7 Massive world

    Secret of Mana has a massive immersive world; thus making the game longer and more interesting. The game dwarfed even Zelda with its massive world.

  • 8 Unique characters

    In Secret of Mana, characters are unique and distinct. Each character has their own unique personality and identity. This made the game more interesting.

  • 9 Variety of monsters

    Secret of Mana has a large number of different monsters. Each monster is different and unique. This made the game more interesting.

  • 10 Immersive environment

    The immersive environment of Secret of Mana made the game more entertaining. The combination of good graphics and music made the game's environment more immersive.