Why is the internet so addictive

    Why is the internet so addictive

  • 1 Unlimited choices

    While a person can easily get bored of a game or a movie, the fact that the internet has unlimited choices can keep people hooked for very long periods of time. The fact that the internet can satisfy a very wide range of human needs makes it very addictive.

  • 2 It's extremely easy to access the internet

    These days internet connections are always on, unlike the old days where people had to dial first using a modem and even have a working password. When something is easily accessible, it can easily become addictive, especially if it is exciting (See why simplicity makes things popular).

  • 3 It can be accessed from home

    Unlike other activities that need to be done in certain places, the internet can usually be accessed from home. The fact that the internet is easy to access, plus the fact that it's available in homes, makes it more addictive.

  • 4 Meeting important social needs

    With the explosion of web 2.0 people became able to socialize in all possible ways using the internet. Because humans are social beings in the first place, adding the social element to anything can make it very addictive (See why humans join social groups).

  • 5 There is always something new to do

    The internet rarely gets boring because each day lots of new content is added. New videos, pictures, articles and posts are added each day and that's why most people can't get enough (See why novel things appeal to us).

  • 6 It's a perfect procrastination tool

    While most people claim they hate procrastination, they actually love to procrastinate. The internet helps people escape, even for minutes, from boring and unpleasant tasks. This is one reason students keep checking social networks while studying.

  • 7 Dopamine rush

    Dopamine is a chemical released during pleasurable activities. Dopamine is released when a reward is anticipated. Because today's internet is full of notifications and daily rewards, people can get a dopamine rush when checking the internet.

  • 8 Combating loneliness

    So many people who feel lonely turn into internet addicts. They use the internet to ease their boredom and enjoy the time they spend alone (See how to end loneliness).

  • 9 To escape from the world

    People who are too afraid to face life, to develop real social connections or to hang out in public places can use the internet as an excuse to escape from the real world. By claiming that they are always busy, those people can escape without being blamed for it.

  • 10 Fear of isolation

    Most people hate to be isolated. When a person stops checking the internet or internet based apps he might feel that he got isolated from the world. This fear of isolation stems from the social needs humans have.

  • 11 A hub for addictive habits

    Some people are gaming addicts, others are social networks addicts, while others are porn addicts. The internet usually facilitates those kinds of addictive behaviors. This is why different people might be addicted to the internet for different reasons.

  • 12 Thin line between work & fun

    So many people use the internet to do work, send emails or look for jobs. Because the internet can be used for both work and fun, some people find it extremely hard to limit its use or avoid it completely.

  • 13 News consumption

    Most people love to consume news to meet certain important unconscious needs that they have. One simple example is feeling good after finding that someone else is unfortunate. The internet is an extremely fast source of endless news, which is one reason why it's very addictive.

  • 14 Smart phones made it extremely hard to stop internet addiction

    Some time ago a person needed a laptop or a PC to access the internet. With the appearance of modern smartphones, most people became connected 24/7 to the internet and this made the addiction problem worse.