Why is Twin Peaks a good tv show?

    Why is Twin Peaks a good tv show?

  • 1 Because David Lynch is a good director

    Twin Peaks is the only TV show David Lynch ever made. David is known for creating very bizarre fantasy works that are close to dreams. This trait made the series very engaging and interesting.   

  • 2 David Lynch centered his focus on Twin Peaks

    David Lynch concentrated all his focus on this TV show, since he has not been making films since 2006. However this year, Lynch decided to work on season 3 of the 1991 TV show, Twin Peaks.

  • 3 Cooper is an interesting character

    Special agent cooper was one of the best characters Lynch decided to put on the show. Agent cooper is a weird, intelligent, dreamy and funny person who loves coffee more than anyone you'll ever know. 

  • 4 Sherilyn Fenn's good acting

    The 18-year old girl Audrey was played by the American actress Sherilyn Fenn. Audrey's character was one of the strongest roles played in the show. She was intelligent, sneaky and able to get whatever she wants with her schemes.   

  • 5 The funny moments

    One of the funniest things in this series is the number of donuts breaks they had at work.  

  • 6 Because it's different

    Reviews and ratings of the show always showcased how unique it is. Its dreamy scenes, weird characters and how it communicated the subconscious mind made the show one of the bests at its time.

  • 7 Because David Duchovny was a guest star

    The American actor David Duchovny was a guest star in the second season of Twin Peaks. He played the role of a drug enforcement agent that decided to wear women's make up and a wig for the rest of his life.   

  • 8 It's scary

    David Lynch knows how to bring nightmares on screen by using the right characters, themes, and a good sound design to really scare the audience or creep them out. 

  • 9 It's like a trip

    Back in the 1990's, viewers agreed that watching the TV show made them feel like they were on a trip. The show was a mixture of brutal murders, swooning visuals, quirky characters and soap opera plotting, which made the show very peculiar.  

  • 10 It has a dreamy environment

    The show wasn't just about solving the mystery; it was a state of mind, The creators made a certain dreamy environment in a fictional town that seemed at first very innocent, but there was actually a lot of evil in it.   

  • 11 Agent Cooper's beliefs were interesting

    Agent Cooper was a person who bedeviled in Tibetan mythologies, mystic forces, dreams, otherworldly visitors and also extraterrestrial beings. 

  • 12 The music was good

    The music on the show was produced by the American composer Angelo Badalamenti. Badalamenti produced 8 soundtracks that were able to serve the drama and added a sense of weirdness.