Why is Twitch so popular

    Why is Twitch so popular

  • 1 Watching experts play

    Many people enjoy watching experts play games as they see their favorite games being taken to a new level. This is also one reason why eSports are popular.

  • 2 Watching games can be joyful

    Studies have shown that some people tend to enjoy watching games as much as they enjoy playing them. Many people use twitch because of the joyful experience of watching a game.

  • 3 Sharing the discussion with others

    The social element, which Twitch provides by allowing online discussions, makes the experience more interesting as people share their happiness with others. 

  • 4 A social network for gamers

    Some people describe Twitch as a social network for games. People don't just use Twitch to watch games but they also chat with others, joke and form friendships.

  • 5 Internet infrastructure maturation

    Twitch was launched in an era where the internet's infrastructure became good enough to handle online streaming. The fact that it's easy to access for many people made it more popular.

  • 6 People like to watch certain players

    Some people enjoy Twitch because they want to watch a certain player, who is entertaining for example, playing. The fact that Twitch is built upon small communities for each player has helped the site become popular.

  • 7 A place to watch famous tournaments

    Many famous game tournaments are broadcasted on Twitch. Many people like to watch those tournaments and so they use Twitch as a medium to do it.

  • 8 Game developers use it for marketing

    Many game developers use Twitch to market their new games or even the upcoming ones. This is also another reason why the site got widely popular.

  • 9 To learn gaming skills

    Some people watch games on Twitch in order to improve their skills and learn new tricks.

  • 10 Live commentaries make it fun

    Live commentaries can make watching a game more fun and entertaining. This is one reason why people prefer Twitch over Youtube when it comes to games. See Why is Youtube popular.

  • 11 Gamers can make money

    Twitch allows professional gamers to make money through a shared revenue model. This encourages many gamers to try the service.

  • 12 The excitement of uncertainty

    According to one theory, people enjoy watching games on Twitch because of the uncertainty involved as the game is being played live as they watch it. The fact that the next step could be unexpected makes the game more joyful to watch.

  • 13 They can't get the game

    Some people might decide to watch a game if they can't get it for any reason. In such a case, a person might use Twitch to watch that game.