Why is Twitter popular?

    Why is Twitter popular?

  • 1 The introduction of the followers/following concept

    Twitter was the first site to introduce the followers/following concept. This new concept was very appealing to broad audiences who didn't have their needs met with the Friend/unfriend concept. On twitter, a person can follow someone then unfollow him without much drama.

  • 2 Preferred medium for celebrities

    When twitter appeared, celebrities found a new way to broadcast their news to their audiences. Instagram wasn't out yet, so twitter was one of the rare methods a person could use to reach his fan base. Politicians also rushed to use twitter to be able to announce important news fast.

  • 3 Preferred medium for publishers

    Publishers, media companies, newspapers and TV channels found Twitter to be a perfect place that allows them to easily reach their audiences. When many of the big names started using Twitter, the service became even more popular.

  • 4 Reaching people you wouldn't have reached otherwise

    With twitter, it became possible to connect with celebrities, famous people and politicians. This was extremely hard with most of the existing social networks at that time.

  • 5 You can reach all of your followers

    Unlike Facebook, which limits the number of people who can see your page posts, Twitter allows people to reach all of their audiences with their tweets. This fact helped Twitter become more and more popular (Why Facebook pages are useless).

  • 6 Very simple design

    The human mind loves simplicity and Twitter is one of the most simple to use social networks. Compare this to Facebook which has tons of features.

  • 7 People eagerly promote their accounts

    Unlike Facebook, twitter users eagerly promote their accounts to get more and more followers. This turned twitter users to evangelists who are trying to make the service more popular.

  • 8 Bloggers turned to it for traffic

    Bloggers found that twitter can be a very good place to build a list of followers and to get good traffic. Because many bloggers have large audiences, they brought so many new people to Twitter.

  • 9 Find out what's happening fast

    Twitter turned out to be a great place to find out what's happening anywhere, very fast. So many people started to use twitter to get the latest news.

  • 10 Feeding the ego

    Twitter feeds the Ego of its users by making them feel important. With the popularity of narcissism among internet users, twitter was adopted by so many people who needed an ego boost.