Why is weight lifting good for you?

    Why is weight lifting good for you?

  • 1 It can make you live longer

    Studies have shown that physically stronger people live longer and are more resilient to disease (See also how to slow down aging).

  • 2 It releases Happiness hormones

    Studies have shown that exercising helps in releasing happiness hormones. One study has shown that depressed patients felt much better after walking for just 30 minutes every day. See Why do people get depressed.

  • 3 It releases Pain killers

    Exercising releases Endorphins, your body's natural pain killers. Not only will you be able to tolerate more pain when you exercise, but you will also experience less emotional pain. See how the psychological state affects health.

  • 4 Your day will become organized

    When you exercise often, your days will become more organized and you will be able to accomplish more tasks.

  • 5 Faster healing

    The speed of blood circulation in the body determines the healing speed of the body. Since exercising results in faster blood flow, your wounds and injuries will heal much faster.

  • 6 Intense focus

    Right after you exercise your ability to concentrate increases. Studying or reading right after exercising will result in faster understanding and a better ability to memorize things.

  • 7 Stress relief

    Weight lifting clears the mind and helps in releasing accumulated stress. If you have a certain problem that is overwhelming your brain, exercising can provide an instant mood improvement.

  • 8 More strength

    Your muscle mass and size will increase and you will become stronger as a result. All physical tasks will become less of a problem for you.

  • 9 Your body shape will change for the better

    You will be more pleased with your fit body and others will notice it too. You will come closer to the ideal male or female body shape. A fit body is a big plus, as it signals health and strength to people.

  • 10 Self-esteem boost

    You will get compliments from others and that will in turn increase your self-esteem. So many people suffer from low self-esteem because they are not satisfied with their body shape.

  • 11 Stronger bones

    Your muscles are not the only things that grow stronger with exercise, your bones will grow stronger & more dense. This means that you will be much more resilient to any physical damage and that you will be less likely to break your bones. see how to have stronger bones.

  • 12 Better appetite

    Your appetite will improve as your body will require extra nutrients to build muscles and bones. Not only will you eat more, you will develop a taste for healthier food and with that your health will gain an extra boost.

  • 13 More energy

    As a result of an active lifestyle and increased food consumption, you will become more physically and mentally active. This means you will be able to get important tasks done faster.

  • 14 More discipline

    Regular exercise promotes discipline and focus. Not only will you develop self-discipline with regular exercise, but you will also develop strong will.

  • 15 You will become more patient

    Weight lifting results don't come over night. You will discover how stubborn and patient you really are. While all others are rushing forward, failing and quitting because of expecting an overnight transformation - you will stubbornly and patiently wait for results.

  • 16 Better love life

    You will definitively get more attention from the other sex, which will boost the number of dates you go out on. Your existing partner will also become happier with your newly-found athletic prowess, posture and body type.

  • 17 Optimistic outlook

    All the benefits of weight lifting will help you see life in brighter colors. Depression will become yesterday's memory, while your enthusiasm and optimism will spread to people around you.

  • 18 Your balance will improve

    Your balance and overall co-ordination will improve when you lift weights. Your muscle-mind brain connections will become stronger and so you will have better overall body co-coordination.

  • 19 Stronger heart

    Weight lifting can improve your cardiovascular system and make your heart stronger.

  • 20 lower blood pressure


    Researchers at the University of Michigan discovered that consistent weight lifting can lower blood pressure and so reduce the risk of a stroke by 40%.

  • 21 Improved flexibility

    According to a study consistent workout can increase the flexibility of the hips and shoulders by more than 30%.