Why is youtube banned in many countries

    Why is youtube banned in many countries

  • 1 Content may lead to public unrest

    In some countries Youtube is blocked because of the fear that some of its content might lead to public unrest.

  • 2 Due to content that is considered blasphemous

    Youtube was blocked in Afghanistan in 2012 because it featured videos that were considered blasphemous to Muslims. The same happened in Pakistan in 2008.

  • 3 To prevent criticism of important figures

    Youtube is blocked in some countries to prevent the criticism of important religious, political or governmental figures.

  • 4 Because of bandwidth shortage

    In some countries Youtube might be blocked for bandwidth related issues. In 2007 the Us department of defense blocked youtube on its network citing bandwidth issues.

  • 5 Because of content that is considered inappropriate

    Youtube was blocked in the united Arab emirates in 2006 by the telecommunication authorities because of adult content that is considered inappropriate.

  • 6 For unknown reasons

    Some countries block Youtube for reasons that they don't disclose to the public. Turkmenistan blocked Youtube in 2009 without mentioning any reasons.

  • 7 Because of videos that are considered insulting

    In 2007 Youtube was blocked in turkey because of videos that were considered insulting to Atatürk.

  • 8 Strict laws against internet use

    Youtube is blocked in north Korea because of the country's strict rules against internet use.

  • 9 Because of videos that are considered immoral

    Youtube can be blocked when videos that go against the morals or the culture of a certain country are posted. In 2006 Iran blocked Youtube access after some videos that were considered immoral by the Iranian government were uploaded.

  • 10 Because of posting copyrighted content

    Youtube can get banned when people claim the right for some copyrighted content in some countries. In Germany many Youtube videos were blocked because of the copyrighted work they displayed.

  • 11 Because of privacy issues

    Youtube can get blocked in some countries after privacy concerns are raised over some of the uploaded videos. Youtube was blocked in Brazil after a private video of a Brazilian model was uploaded.

  • 12 To suppress opposition

    In some countries Youtube might be used by the opposition to broadcast videos that threaten the stability of the government. In 2008 Youtube was blocked by Armenia for that reason.