Why many Egyptians aren't morning people

  • 1 They sleep late

    The majority of Egyptians sleep late. 12 am in Egypt is considered an early bed time. Many people sleep at 1 am, 2 am or even 3 am despite having work the next day. See why most Egyptians sleep late.

  • 2 They are laid back

    Most Egyptians are laid back by nature. They hardly get stressed about a to-do-list or an important work that they need to finish. This laid back culture teaches people to wake up late.

  • 3 It's acceptable to be late

    It's quite acceptable to be half an hour late to work. Unless the company is a strict multinational company, a typical Egyptian can arrive to work up to 1 hour late without facing serious problems.

  • 4 Shops remain open late at night

    Most of the shops and restaurants remain open until very late at night. It's totally normal to find a restaurant at Egypt operating at 2 am. The fact that sleeping late is supported by the culture makes waking up late more likely.

  • 5 People don't like to work

    The culture in Egypt isn't about hard work, productivity or self-discipline, but more about being laid back as much as you can and getting away with it most of the time.

  • 6 They don't value productivity

    Unlike Japan, for example, productivity isn't highly valued in the Egyptian culture. While many forces try to push people to become productive, the laid back culture usually ends up winning.

  • 7 Peer pressure

    Because a very large number of Egyptians sleep late and wake up late, a typical person might find themselves pressured to stay up late at night and so wake up late the next day.

  • 8 No sense of time urgency

    Most Egyptians don't have a sense of time urgency. They sleep late, arrive to meetings late and go to work late. In Egypt, when a person says they will come at 6, it might mean 6:30, 7 or even 8.