Why many Egyptians were against Hosni Mubarak

    Why many Egyptians were against Hosni Mubarak

  • 1 Wide-spread corruption

    Many Egyptians were unhappy with the high levels of corruption during Mubarak's Era. These people believe that corruption has reached every area of the country during Mubarak's rule.

  • 2 Ruling for 30 years

    Many Egyptians were unhappy with the fact that Mubarak had been ruling for 30 years even though the Egyptian constitution stated that an Egyptian president should only rule for 8 years. The constitution was later changed to fit Mubarak's goals.

  • 3 Police violence

    Many people were unhappy with police violence and their occasional brutality. These people always complained about the way policemen treated them. See why the 25th of January revolution happened.

  • 4 Plans to put his son in his place

    Angry voices were rising against Mubarak's obvious plan to let his son, Gamal Mubarak, rule Egypt after he leaves.

  • 5 Poverty

    Many Egyptians were living below the poverty line during Mubarak's era. While rich people had a relatively stable economic environment that helped their businesses grow, poor people suffered. See why some people love Hosni Mubarak.

  • 6 They wanted change

    Many people wanted to see different faces ruling Egypt instead of the ones they have been seeing for 30 years.

  • 7 Single party rule

    Egypt was ruled by a single party, the National Democratic Party, and there was no room for other parties to engage in real political activities.

  • 8 No freedom of speech

    People who were against the government didn't have a chance to speak or to express their opinion as they were oppressed by the police forces. See why are some Egyptians against Abdel Fatah El-sisi.

  • 9 Corruption of elections

    Many Egyptians were unhappy with the fact that the Elections were fake and that they always led to the victory of Mubarak and his men.