Why many video streaming sites have non-working links

  • 1 They are blocked by ISPs

    Because many video streaming sites have illegal content, they sometimes get blocked by ISPs. If a court order was issued against a site then ISPs are probably going to block them.

  • 2 It's a link bait

    Sometimes the whole purpose of a certain site is to force people to click on a certain link. Some webmasters advertise false things such as a popular video in order to get people to click on certain links on their websites.

  • 3 The site is redirecting traffic

    Many of the video streaming websites sell website traffic. Those sites mislead people into believing that they can load a video by clicking on a certain link then they send them to another site instead.

  • 4 They removed the copyrighted video

    Many video streaming sites upload copyrighted content. Sometimes the webmasters find themselves forced to remove those links in order to avoid punishment or the banning of their websites by authorities or ISPs.

  • 5 They can't host links directly

    Some streaming sites can't host links directly because of the fear of punishment. In such a case, those sites provide links to other sites that have working links. In this case, the webmaster loses control over the links themselves.

  • 6 The webmaster wants traffic

    Sometimes the streaming site doesn't have a link for the video it's advertising but it does so to bring more visitors by misleading them into thinking that they can watch the video.

  • 7 A browser problem

    Sometimes certain plugins, such as Adobe flash, might be needed for a streaming site to work. If the browser doesn't support the technology then the video might not work.

  • 8 The source link stopped working

    Many webmasters link to sites that host copyrighted videos. In such a case, the source link might get removed without the webmaster noticing.

  • 9 Some countries blocked them

    Some countries might take actions such as preventing the streaming of certain sites from working if the authorities gave the order.

  • 10 The webmaster wants to make money

    Some webmasters hide the working link in between so many ad links in order to force some people to click on the ads and thus help their sites make some money.