Why some people have stopped using Snapchat

  • 1 They moved to Instagram

    Instagram has been adding the same features Snapchat has over the past year, which made Snapchat users migrate to Instagram. 

  • 2 Less people are using it

    When a person finds that their friends stopped using a certain app, they are likely to stop using it too since there would be no one to communicate with.

  • 3 It's not special anymore

    Snapchat became popular because it had special features that weren't available anywhere else. Now that the same features are available on Facebook and Instagram, users don't have a reason to continue using Snapchat.

  • 4 No one is following what they're sharing

    Some users have said that they stopped using Snapchat because no one checked their stories anymore. The overall lack of interest in Snapchat motivated people to stop using it entirely.

  • 5 Instagram has everything in one place

    Some users reported that they prefer Instagram because it allows them to browse through aesthetically appealing photographs and raw moments at the same time, which isn't  available on Snapchat.

  • 6 It's full of ads

    Having to see an ad between each snap frustrated some users and motivated them to stop using the app. 

  • 7 Snapchat is more complicated

    Many users faced problems when they were trying to understand Snapchat, as its features and layout were complicated. When Instagram presented the same service in a less complicated way, people started migrating to it. 

  • 8 There's nothing new about it

    Many users got bored with Snapchat's same features and services and felt it was time to look for an app that is constantly being updated and keeping them entertained.

  • 9 It's big in size

    Some users stop using Snapchat and delete it altogether because the app is big in size and slows down some smartphones. 

  • 10 The trend faded away

    Many users first downloaded Snapchat and started using it when there was a big hype over it. Now that the app isn't as popular as it used to be, they stopped using it.