why memes are bad

    why memes are bad

  • 1 Judging others

    Many memes encourage people to judge others, make fun of them, humiliate them and put them down. Such memes spread the culture of bullying in an indirect way.

  • 2 Spreading inappropriate¬†ideas

    Many memes help in the spread of certain ideas in an indirect way. People share them because they are funny and because of many other reasons but in the process many wrong ideas can easily spread out. 


  • 3 Not taking things seriously

    Memes can encourage people to make fun of important things and thus prevent them from taking those things seriously. 

  • 4 They can destroy lives

    If the meme of a certain person started circulating on the internet then this person might get emotionally affected in a bad way. Some people get severely depressed when they realize that the whole internet is making fun of them.

  • 5 Memes are biased

    People share jokes that match their beliefs. Many memes are heavily biased towards a certain opinion and idea. This can result in spreading the wrong idea to people or forcing them to believe in something they don't want to believe in.

  • 6 They show a part of reality

    Memes might only show a little part of reality or snapshot while ignoring the whole truth. This makes many memes misleading.

  • 7 They promote sarcasm

    Many memes promote sarcastic behavior and teach people how to be critical of others.

  • 8 They can be offensive

    Many memes can be considered offensive especially if they joke about a sensitive topic such as racism for example.

  • 9 The mind absorbs them fast

    According to psychologists when information is packed in a certain way , humor in this case, then it can easily be absorbed by the subconscious mind. Memes could thus result in the spread of inappropriate ideas.