Why men like breasts

  • 1 They signal south

    According to one theory, the shape of breasts can signal youth and thus can get men attracted. According to psychologists, men get attracted to females who look healthy and young. See also why men like long hair.

  • 2 They signal fertility

    According to one theory, the shape of breasts can signal fertility. According to psychologists, men get attracted to females who are more fertile. This happens indirectly as they see the signs that show that a woman is fertile.

  • 3 They reflect a nutritional advantage

    According to one theory, breasts can reflect a nutritional advantage since they store extra fat. Breasts can thus indicate that the woman is well fed and healthy.

  • 4 They promote bonding

    According to one theory, men's attraction to breasts is biological because touching them motivates the woman's body to release the chemical oxytocin, which promotes bonding. See why men like feet.

  • 5 They are a sign of femininity

    Since women develop large breasts compared to men, they can signal femininity. According to psychologists, men get attracted to women who seem more feminine.

  • 6 They signal age

    Breasts can help a man differentiate between a young girl and mature woman who is ready for mating. This is one reason why full breasts attract most men.

  • 7 The reflect better hormones

    Women who have full breasts have better female hormones, which could assist in the reproductive process. Men could thus find those females attractive because of their increased chance to get pregnant.

  • 8 Men respond to visual stimulation

    Men get sexually aroused through visual stimulation. When men see body parts that reflect femininity, they get sexually aroused.

  • 9 They are nice to touch

    The tissue of breasts is very soft and thus touching them can give pleasant feelings to men.

  • 10 They are comforting

    Some men find breasts comforting, which could be connected to the childhood memories of being comforted by the mother.

  • 11 They turn women on

    According to studies, women can be turned on by their breasts. This makes breasts more attractive for males who want to turn their women on.

  • 12 They are highly visible

    Breasts are highly visible since they lie below women's faces. The fact that they are visible can be interested for men who depend on visual stimulation to get aroused.