Why mobile conversion rates are lower than desktop

    Why mobile conversion rates are lower than desktop

  • 1 Smaller screens

    According to studies, there is a correlation between screen size and conversions. Because mobile phones have smaller screens compared to desktops, people convert less using mobile phones.

  • 2 The mental state of the mobile user

    The mobile user might be browsing the internet while driving, waiting for a friend in the street or while hanging out with friends. This means that in many cases the mobile user won't be in buying mood.

  • 3 The user misses many elements

    As the screen size becomes smaller, the user misses many of the elements on the website and so becomes less likely to convert.

  • 4 Slow speed

    The slower speed on mobile devices compared to desktop makes it less likely for people to convert through a mobile device.

  • 5 Harder to use

    Using a desktop to convert is much easier for people than using a mobile to convert. Because the experience on desktop requires less work, people convert more from desktops.

  • 6 Slow typing

    On mobile phones, typing is more frequent than on desktop. Because people can type easier and faster on desktops, they usually convert more.

  • 7 Harder to pull out the card

    A person could be browsing the internet from their phones while they are in the street. It can thus be harder for them to get out their cards and buy something, as they won't feel that secure.

  • 8 Harder navigation

    On desktops, it's easier to navigate from one page to another, while on mobile phones it might be harder to do proper navigation.

  • 9 Lower attention spans

    While using a mobile phone, a person might have a lower attention span than when they are using a desktop. Because a mobile user can easily be distracted by other factors, they are less likely to convert. 

  • 10 Low quality users

    Many users have mobile phones but not a desktop. Those people can come from different backgrounds and be of a lower social class. This can make mobile conversions lower.

  • 11 Users not tech savvy

    A desktop user on average is more tech savvy than a mobile user. Many mobile users have very little internet experience and so are less likely to convert.