Why most women are attracted to taller men

    Why most women are attracted to taller men

  • 1 Taller men appear more masculine

    Among ages, height has been considered a sign of strength and power. Most women consider height as a masculine trait. Taller men may seem more dominant, masculine, and manly; thus they have better chances at attracting women.  (See what are the advantages of being tall.)

  • 2 Tall men seem protective

    Taller men make women feel smaller and more feminine. The biological trait of height pushes women to think that larger men are more protective, and thus they feel more secure in their romantic relationship.  

  • 3 To guarantee tall children

    According to recent studies, taller men are more likely to pass their genes to their children. Thus, women may prefer a taller partner over a shorter one to have good looking kids who are able to acquire acceptance from their peers and society.

  • 4 Culture empowers taller men

    Culture has affected women's mindset to think that taller men are more attractive and powerful. Accordingly, women with traditional mindsets seek a taller partner in order to feel rewarded and satisfied. Thus, these women could hardly date a shorter man.

  • 5 Society supports taller men

    According to researchers, taller men are more welcomed to win elections, promotions, or any leadership position in their society. Being tall has allowed many men to feel confident and to acquire high self-esteem and trust among their communities.

  • 6 The image that media promotes

    Most people are affected by the idea of how a perfect image of both genders looks like. Both taller men and taller women are selected as super stars and fashion models. Accordingly, taller men have more luck in the dating process.

  • 7 People's perspective about their own height

    A recent study has shown that taller women are more satisfied with their appearance than shorter ones.  Thus, they may be less stressed about the height of their partners. On the other hand, shorter women prefer a taller man as a partner.  

  • 8 Timing of the relationship

    Most people may pay much attention to physical traits when they are young in age or if they seek a short term relationship. A recent research has shown that women value personality, intelligence, and career choice after their thirties.

  • 9 Taller men could be considered alpha guys

    By some women, taller men may be given the alpha male qualities from first sight because of their large size. Studies have shown that women prefer the alpha confident man in the dating process over the beta man because of the masculine traits he acquires.

  • 10 To be able to wear high heels

    Some women love the fashion trend of walking in high heels that make them look taller than they actually are. To feel admired and accepted as a couple, these women seek a taller partner. Also, women like to look up to their partners so they feel small and feminine.

  • 11 Height is an indication of good health

    Some people may consider height as a sign of good health or a noble origin. Some evolutionary biologists claim that tall men have grown up in healthier environments.