Why music will help you lift more weight

    Why music will help you lift more weight

  • 1 Music distracts people from fatigue

    Music distracts people from fatigue and makes them feel less tired. This usually results in an improved performance when lifting weights or exercising.

  • 2 Music may promote metabolic efficiency

    Depending on the type of the music the person is listening to, music can promote metabolic efficiency and as a result help a person run faster, swim longer or lift more weights. See also why music reduces your ability to study.

  • 3 Music increases motivation

    Provided that the right type of music is selected, which resonates with the listener's beliefs and values, music can make a person more motivated, and as a result, he might be able to lift more weights.

  • 4 Music enhances the mood

    Provided that the right music is selected, which would differ from one person to another, music can enhance the mood, and as a result, help the person lift more weights. See why do people like music.

  • 5 Music can decrease energy expenditure

    According to a 2012 study by C. J. Bacon of Sheffield Hallam University, music allowed cyclists to use 7% less oxygen compared to the ones who weren't listening to music. Music can thus help a person maintain a steady pace and consume less energy. See also why weight lifting is good.

  • 6 Music changes perception of effort

    Music can change the perception of effort and thus encourage a person to do more effort. While listening to music, a person might be able to do more effort easily and so lift more weights. See also why screaming while lifting helps.

  • 7 Music increases endurance

    When the right song is chosen and when the listener identifies with the singer music can result in increased endurance and strength. This can lead to lifting more weights. See why most people fail to grow muscles.

  • 8 Music can recall pleasant memories

    Music can help a person recall pleasant memories that could give them strength, power, endurance, courage or any other positive emotion that can help them lift more. The effect of music will depend on song selection and the personality of the listener.

  • 9 Music improves body coordination

    Recent studies have found that music increases the electric activity of the brain in various regions that are important for coordinating movements. As a person's moves become more coordinated, his ability to lift more might increase.

  • 10 Music can create an alternate reality

    Music can help the mind wander in an alternate reality that could charge the person with positive emotions and that could enhance their performance.

  • 11 Music motivates people to move

    Studies have found that music can increase the person's desire to move and do work. This can make the person more active and so can lead to better performance during exercise.

  • 12 Music distracts a person from negative thoughts

    Music can also distract the person from negative thoughts that might reduce his exercising performance. This kind of distraction can help a person focus more on the task at hand.