Why my internet connection keeps disconnecting

    Why my internet connection keeps disconnecting

  • 1 A problem with the internet provider

    If your internet service provider (ISP) has any kind of outage then this outage will directly affect you. Some outages result in unstable connections and not total disconnection.

  • 2 A problem with your PTT

    A postal, telegraph, and telephone service (PTT) is a government agency available in many countries that handles many services including landlines. If there is a problem with the service PTT provides then your connection might become unstable.

  • 3 A problem with your router

    If there is any kind of problem with your router then it might automatically disconnect every now and then. Restarting the router can solve some of those problems.

  • 4 A problem with your network card

    If there is any problem with your network card then it might disconnect you all of a sudden. Reinstalling the drivers of the network card can sometimes solve this problem.

  • 5 A problem with your cable modem

    Problems with the cable modem can cause frequent disconnections. Make sure you check on all of your hardware if you are getting frequently disconnected.

  • 6 Wrong cable configuration

    If the internet cables in your home are not properly configured then your connection can be lost every now and then. The wrong setup can sometimes result in disconnection whenever someone calls you on the landline.

  • 7 A problem with your landline

    If there is any problem with your landline then it might affect your connection. Make sure you call the proper entity to double check on your landline if you get disconnected frequently.

  • 8 Radio interference with your wireless signal

    If there is any Radio interference with your wireless signal then your wireless internet might keep disconnecting you. 

  • 9 Poor landline

    If the landline is poor or has low quality then errors can happen as a result and those errors can disconnect you often.

  • 10 A problem with the internet configuration

    If the internet on your device is not configured properly then frequent disconnections might happen. Make sure you have proper configuration in your network settings.

  • 11 A problem with your local exchange

    If there is a problem with your local exchange carrier then your internet might keep disconnecting.

  • 12 Electrical interference

    Electrical interference coming from any connected device can result in disconnection. The power source of a router, for example, might cause interference that leads to disconnection.

  • 13 Line attenuation

    The broadband signal can sometimes become weak over a long distance. If you are very far from your local exchange then your internet might disconnect often.

  • 14 A problem with IP assignment

    If there is a problem with the server assigning IPs to your devices then you might get disconnected. This server will usually belong to your ISP.