Why my smart phone isn't charging

    Why my smart phone isn't charging

  • 1 There are many reasons

    There are many reasons as to why a smart phone isn't charging. There are hardware reasons such as the socket, battery and there are software reasons such as heavy apps.

  • 2 Try a different charger

    Try to always use the charger that comes packed with the phone. It is the standard for it. However, if your phone is not charging or if it is charging slowly then you should switch to another charger and see what happens.

  • 3 Use a USB port

    Plug the cable of your charger into a PC or a USB power source and attempt to charge your phone. Depending on the quality of the USB port, your phone might charge faster or might not even charge.

  • 4 Change the cord

    The cord might be damaged and that could cause the resistance to increase, which would make your phone not charge properly.

  • 5 Check the battery

    If the above cases do not work, you should change the battery of your phone. If the battery charges, then the previous battery was faulty or old.

  • 6 It can be the socket

    The socket where you plug the USB to your phone can be damaged, which is one of the rarer cases. In that case, you'd need to replace the socket. This can be an expensive process, so, follow the previous steps first.

  • 7 It could be a software problem

    If your phone is new and hasn't been damaged, it can possibly be something wrong with the software. Go to the settings of your phone and check the battery. It will tell you if there is a heavy load on it from one of the application.

  • 8 Force stop unneccessary applications

    If your phone isn't charging and you don't think it's a hardware error, you should check the applications and stop the ones that you aren't using. Those applications can consume more power than what the battery is receiving.

  • 9 Restore factory settings

    As a last resort, restore the factory settings. This should restore your phone to the very first stage you received it in. If that doesn't help the charging then there is definitely something wrong with the hardware.

  • 10 Optimize your energy consumption

    The energy consumption level of your phone is shown in the battery section of you settings. If you aren't using some applications then you should close it.

  • 11 Install an optimization app

    There are several applications for energy optimization. Some phones also come packed with an internal optimization application that can be activated once the battery reaches a certain percentage. Use it to make the best out of your battery.