Why you shouldn't use your personal Facebook profile as a business page

    Why you shouldn't use your personal Facebook profile as a business page

  • 1 Sending friend requests is seen as spamming

    Many small businesses open a Facebook profile page instead of a company page in order to be able to send friend requests. That way they don't have to wait for 'likes' to come to them but they go out and acquire them on their own. This is, however, seen as spamming and can hurt the business.

  • 2 Facebook can shut down a business page posing as a profile page

    Using a personal profile for the promotion of business means breaking the rules of Facebook. The penalty for such an act is shutting down of the profile, which means goodbye to all friends the profile collected up to that point.

  • 3 Number of fans is limited to 5,000

    A personal Facebook page is limited to 5,000 friends, while a business page has an unlimited number of fans.

  • 4 No analytical tools for the effectiveness of published posts

    There are no analytical tools for a personal profile that allow the user to track the performance of his published posts.

  • 5 A personal profile cannot be advertised the same way as a business page

    A personal profile cannot be advertised the same way as a business page can. A possible workaround would be to have a large network of really good friends who would like and share your posts.

  • 6 No Facebook tabs

    You can not have a Facebook tab on your personal profile, which automatically means that you limit yourself and the ability to create prize contests or selling parts for your Facebook page.

  • 7 Unprofessional image

    Promoting a business through a personal profile is simply unprofessional. Even the graphical interface of the personal profile requires different information than a business profile does.

  • 8 Privacy concerns

    Befriending customers through Facebook will reveal some of their private information to the business. This can be seen as a serious breach of privacy, which can be exploited by the business.

  • 9 Unable to have different administrative roles

    A business page offers many ways to include various administrative roles such as Administrator, Insights Analyst, Advertiser, Moderator, Content Creator and Manager. A personal profile must share a single profile and password among all users.

  • 10 No scheduling

    A personal page cannot schedule posts, while a business page can. Scheduling is a great way of writing many posts in advance and not giving them a second thought.

  • 11 Cannot set up business as a place

    A business page can be set up as a place, which means customers can check-in, it can be found on a map and it can display working hours.

  • 12 No special options

    A personal page cannot make targeted posts based on customers' location or age, nor can it turn on profanity filters.

  • 13 No access to 3rd party tools

    There are many 3rd party tools built around running business pages better. These tools cannot work good or often in their entirety with a personal profile.

  • 14 Business pages are optimized for search engines

    Facebook optimizes business pages for search engines way better than it does for personal profile pages.

  • 15 Inability to handle more than one brand from a single location

    A single profile can run many business pages from a single account. Using a profile as a business account means that for every business, the user will have to open a new account.