Why obesity is high in America

  • 1 The availability of fast food restaurants

    Fast food restaurants are widely available and accessible in America, which provides the people with an easy option when they're in need for a quick bite.

  • 2 They rely on cars

    People in America rely greatly on cars as their main means of transportation. The lack of a dominant bicycle or walking culture is one reason behind the rise of obesity.

  • 3 They don't exercise regularly

    Exercising regularly is not a habit that all Americans have, as some people claim they're too busy for it or don't have the money for a gym subscription, which results in them putting on weight.

  • 4 The use of high fructose corn syrup

    Ever since high fructose corn syrup, which is found in cookies, soft drinks, spaghetti sauce, bread and other products, was introduced in the United States, obesity has been on the rise.

  • 5 Children are not motivated to exercise

    Children in America are becoming more dependent on technology and electronic devices and their parents often neglect introducing them to an active lifestyle.

  • 6 They have a low income

    Some families with low incomes are unable to follow a healthy lifestyle due to the expensiveness of healthy food and gym subscriptions.

  • 7 The lack of available places to exercises

    In America's smaller towns, there is usually a lack of available places to exercises, as some towns are not pedestrian friendly.

  • 8 Unable to balance work and a healthy lifestyle

    Some people in America work more than one job in order to provide for the family, which takes up all their time and energy and prevents them from being able to follow a healthy lifestyle.

  • 9 Food portions are very big

    In the united state some meals have very big portions. The availability of large portions motivates people to eat more. See why Americans eat large portions.

  • 10 Food is cheap

    Because of the high production technology and the availability of large agricultural land food is relatively cheap in the united states and this motivates people to eat more.