Why are people skeptic about Valentine's Day

  • 1 The holiday was transformed by greed

    Greedy merchants and franchises began to overtake Valentine's Day. It became a day to make immense amounts of profit for some franchises.

  • 2 Some people believe it should be every day

    Some people believe that Valentine's Day is just a silly expression of love that should be done every day. It is something sincere and doesn't have to be shown to the public eye.

  • 3 It is mainstream

    A great majority of the population celebrate Valentine's Day. Internationally, people go to restaurants, parties or clubs to celebrate it. However, an increasing number of people began to spend Valentine's Day as any other day.

  • 4 It reserves the expression of love

    Valentine's Day has become a reservation to the expression of love, whereas all the other days aren't. Some people believe that this is nonsense and that a single day should not make any difference.

  • 5 Single people get upset

    A lot of people have grown to consider the feelings of single people or ones with broken hearts on a day so widely celebrated like Valentine's Day. That stops them from celebrating the day publicly.

  • 6 It tends to ruin relationships

    Valentine's Day tends to set a standard so high for people in relationships with gifts and love notes. The fact that it only happens once a year makes a lot of people grow distant afterwards.

  • 7 It makes people compare

    A lot of partners compare what their Valentine's Day was like to others, which gets them upset when they find that someone else had a better day. The bitterness of comparison and selfishness makes people withdraw from the celebration altogether.

  • 8 It is a crowded season

    Valentine's Day tends to turn into a very crowded day. People find it difficult to find a reservation at a restaurant to set the romantic date they want to have with their partner.

  • 9 People began to celebrate it differently

    People began to celebrate Valentine's Day without labeling it as a public holiday; rather, they would go on with their partners without giving the day the publicity it has been given.

  • 10 Their awareness increased

    People grew more aware that it is a day to increase the income of some companies or shops, and began to deny it as a commercial day.

  • 11 They change the date

    A lot of people began to change the date of their Valentine's Day into another date that they relate more to.

  • 12 Because they know the legend

    With the increase of knowledge and decrease of illiteracy, people grew to know more that St. Valentine might have never even existed.