Why people buy expensive cars

  • 1 They can afford it

    Those who can afford to buy expensive and luxurious cars do so because they have enough money for it. 

  • 2 To show off

    Some people buy expensive cars for the sole purpose of showing it off and making people aware that they can afford it.

  • 3 They are car enthusiasts

    People who are enthusiastic about cars like to buy the latest models or antiques regardless of how much they might cost. 

  • 4 They're going through a mid-life crisis

    When older people go through a mid-life crisis, they usually buy expensive stuff that they don't need such as a luxurious sports car. 

  • 5 To enhance their social image

    Some people think that buying expensive things can enhance their social image, which is why some people might decide to buy expensive cars. 

  • 6 To attract the opposite sex

    It's commonly known that some women like men who can afford expensive things, which might encourage some men to buy expensive cars to attract women. 

  • 7 Their parents buy it for them

    Some parents buy their children expensive cars as gifts if they come from a rich family.

  • 8 To reward themselves

    Some people buy expensive goods to reward themselves for a certain accomplishment. 

  • 9 To make a good impression

    Some people ride expensive cars in order to leave a good impression on their clients or customers if they use it for their business. 

  • 10 For the quality

    Some people buy expensive cars for the good quality in hopes of being able to drive it without problems several years later. 

  • 11 To enhance their self-esteem

    Some people resort to buying expensive things to increase their self-esteem and cover up the psychological issues they may have. 

  • 12 To stand out

    Some people like standing out wherever they go, which could be one reason behind buying an expensive car. 

  • 13 They're materialistic

    Some people like buying expensive things regardless of how useful it could for them just because it costs a lot of money and would let people know they can afford it.