Why people deactivate their Facebook accounts

  • 1 They are bored of Facebook

    Many of the people who deactivate Facebook do so out of boredom and not finding anything new to follow on their accounts. 

  • 2 They spend too much time on it

    Some people hate spending too much time on Facebook, as they think it's taking over their lives. Therefore, they decide to deactivate it. 

  • 3 They don't want distractions

    People who deactivate their Facebook accounts often do so when they need to eliminate distractions and focus on something. 

  • 4 It's too depressing

    Many people dislike how Facebook is full of sad news about children being kidnapped and families being murdered, for example. Deactivating Facebook is a way to escape the bad news. 

  • 5 For privacy reasons

    Some people deactivate their accounts when their privacy or safety is in jeopardy. 

  • 6 They created a new account

    When a person creates a new Facebook account, they usually deactivate the old one. 

  • 7 They're deleting all social media accounts

    Some people decide to cut off all social media accounts from their lives, and Facebook is usually the first one on the list. 

  • 8 They were hacked

    A person may deactivate their account by reporting it to Facebook in the event that they were hacked. 

  • 9 They don't like the posts being shared

    Some people are against certain posts that are shared on Facebook such as too many celebrity news or graphic images of violent events. Deactivating their accounts is a way to not see these posts. 

  • 10 It's time-consuming

    Many people deactivate their accounts because it's addictive and time-consuming. They would rather be doing something more productive than scrolling through it all day. See Why Facebook is so addictive

  • 11 It's making them antisocial

    Some people deactivate their accounts when they realize it's making them antisocial by constantly checking it while they're with friends or family. 

  • 12 Due to the negative emotions it stirs

    Some people find that Facebook stirs negative emotions in them such as jealousy and hatred. These people could choose to deactivate their accounts to avoid these feelings. See Why is Facebook so negative