Why people don't like Internet Explorer

    Why people don't like Internet Explorer

  • 1 Not compliant with web standards

    Up until version 7, Internet Explorer browser wasn't fully compliant with W3C web standards. This resulted in problems loading some pages and performance problems. While this problem was fixed later, the bad reputation remained.

  • 2 Problems with older versions

    Many users don't upgrade their Internet Explorer to the later versions fast. Because many of the old versions had serious problems, the browser's bad reputation remained.

  • 3 Late release of IE 7

    While people kept complaining about Internet Explorer 6, it took Microsoft many years before it released Internet Explorer 7. While version 7 and 8 had many improvements, they came too late so the bad reputation persisted.

  • 4 Programmers had to write a special code

    Because IE worked in a different way than all other browsers, programmers had to write an additional code to make their websites run well on IE. This made many programmers and web developers hate IE.

  • 5 It is not a standalone browser

    The fact that Internet Explorer is strongly tied to the windows' OS makes it a less favorable browser for people who want more freedom or who use more than one OS.

  • 6 Too slow

    Many versions of Internet Explorer are very slow compared to other browsers. The same page on the internet can be accessed in a faster way using other browsers such as Firefox or Chrome.

  • 7 High processor demand

    Many versions of Internet Explorer require more processing power than other browsers. Opening lots of windows on many Internet Explorer versions can result in slowing down old computers or even crashing them. See why Google Chrome is popular.

  • 8 Security threats

    Many versions of Internet Explorer had many security holes. This gave the browser a bad reputation when it came to security.

  • 9 Bad reputation

    The reputation of Internet Explorer kept declining for years. Jokes started circulating about how slow the browser was compared to other browsers. This resulted in more people abandoning it. See why Internet Explorer lost market share.

  • 10 Many versions were bugged

    Many of the internet explorer versions had many bugs that affected the browser's performance. The reputation that the browser is bugged remained even though newer versions were released.