Why some people hate Superman

    Why some people hate Superman

  • 1 Superman is too powerful

    Many comic book and movie fans dislike Superman because he's too powerful. He's too powerful that he can fly, shoot lasers out of his eyes and can't get hurt by any mortal instrument.

  • 2 They can't relate to him

    Superman was made as a symbol of hope, yet he was set up as a character that no one can relate to. Only few fans can relate to Superman as a character.

  • 3 He's an alien

    Superman is from a planet called Krypton, not from earth, which is another reason why people can't relate to him. He is an alien in every form.

  • 4 He's made to be perfect

    Superman was made to be an epitome of perfection. Everybody knows that nobody is perfect, which is another reason why fans dislike Superman as a character.

  • 5 He doesn't have a sad background

    Despite being from a planet that was destroyed, Superman was adopted by his human parents and doesn't have a sad background like Batman with the exception of a few story arcs like Injustice and the Flashpoint Paradox.

  • 6 He doesn't have mortal weaknesses

    Superman's only weakness is Kryptonite, which is a matter that only existed in the planet Krypton. 

  • 7 He's against violence

    Superman disapproves of violence. While he would indulge in a bloody brawl against a tough enemy like Doomsday, he usually stands by to bring criminals to justice.

  • 8 He doesn't have a dark side

    With the exception of a few story arcs like Injustice, Superman does not have a dark side. He is pure good, which is not something that many people can relate too.

  • 9 He plays god

    Superman's powers elevate him to the state of a god among men, which is something religious fans dislike greatly and other fans dislike because he plays a role that no comic book character can stand against.

  • 10 He has a cheap alter ego

    When Superman is out of costume, he plays a journalist called Clark Kent, something that has been heavily criticized by the fans. While it has been explained that he alters the way he looks and makes himself a little bit shorter, he isn't a believable character.

  • 11 He stands against other representations

    Superman often faces heavy criticism by fans because of other likable characters like Batman who is very likable and people can relate to easily.