Why people liked Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

    Why people liked Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  • 1 It continues the Harry Potter series

    The movie is set as a prequel to the Harry Potter series during the first Global Wizarding War. Fans wanted to see that for a long time.

  • 2 It brings the HP nostalgia

    Fans have been wanting to see another Harry Potter movie for a while since the last one came out in 2011. More than five years later, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them comes out, refreshing the loyal fans.

  • 3 It has magical creatures

    While the majority of the film is about things other than magical creatures, the parts following the magical creatures are very enjoyable and heart-warming, according to Harry Potter fans.

  • 4 It takes place in the United States

    This is the first Harry Potter movie to take place in the US, which is something a lot of fans have been wanting to see.

  • 5 It introduces new elements

    There are a lot of aspects of the Magical Universe of Harry Potter that the fans did not get to see during the eight movies. This movie shows some of those aspects.

  • 6 It focuses on Muggle life

    The movie pays special focus on the Muggle life and how Wizards and Witches interact with Muggles (Non-majs) in general.

  • 7 It takes place during the first Global Wizarding War

    The movie takes place during the first Global Wizarding War, which was initiated by Gillert Gilderwald.

  • 8 It focuses on real social problems

    The problem of accepting people who are different in any way is pointed out in the movie. Wizards and non-Majs and the other way around, and even people who are quieter or just silent.

  • 9 Some parts are funny

    The movie manages to grasp the humor very well, as it manages to separate well between the comedy, the action and the drama.

  • 10 The music is atmospheric

    One of the things that made the Harry Potter franchise great on the screen was the music. The music manages to capture the atmosphere very well.

  • 11 The visuals are stunning

    The visuals in the movie are stunning like the later Harry Potter films. The graphics in the last one exceed the standard set by the previous movies.

  • 12 The cast was well chosen

    The cast for the movie was highly praised. The actors all managed to portray the characters as J.K. Rowling set them to be.

  • 13 The writing was great

    J.K. Rowling was part of the movie, making the writing in it very well done. It was highly praised by critics for the writing.

  • 14 The plot twist was unexpected

    Most of the Harry Potter fans who watched the movie agreed that the major plot twists in the movie were unpredictable.

  • 15 It paves the path for the following movies

    J.K. Rowling stated that there are five Fantastic Beasts movies to follow. The movie ended with a major twist that paves the way for the following ones.