Why people listen to music while running

  • 1 To motivate themselves

    Listening to music while running or exercising can be very motivating and can push the person to keep going. 

  • 2 To entertain themselves

    Running or jogging can sometimes get boring, especially when running long distances. In this case, music is a means of entertainment. 

  • 3 To distract themselves

    Listening to music can distract the person from the pain they might be feeling while jogging. 

  • 4 They like running on a beat

    Some people like listening to songs with a good beat when running to set their pace. 

  • 5 To not hear their own breathing

    Some people like to listen to music while running to cover up the sound of their breathing, which can demotivate them if it sounds like they're tired. 

  • 6 To enhance performance

    A study found that listening to high-tempo music for 10 minutes during warm up can enhance the performance of the person during the rest of the work out. 

  • 7 To measure distance

    Some people like measuring the distance they run using a fun way such as listening to music and knowing the distance they covered from the amount of songs played. 

  • 8 Helps them run faster

    A study showed that listening to loud and high-tempo music can increase speed. 

  • 9 Makes them feel positive

    Listening to upbeat and high-tempo music can make a person feel positive and energetic while running, instead of focusing on the effort they're making.