Why people listen to podcasts

  • 1 It's a good source of information

    Some people think of podcasts as a good source of information where they can learn many things depending on the subject they choose to listen to. 

  • 2 It's like watching a sitcom

    Some people like listening to podcasts for the comedy since it's like watching a sitcom without the TV. 

  • 3 It's entertaining

    Listening to sitcoms is one form of entertainment for some people that they prefer more than listening to music or watching TV shows. 

  • 4 It keeps them company

    Some people like podcasts because listening to people talk keeps them company if they're feeling lonely.

  • 5 They think it's better than reading

    Storytelling podcasts are a good option for people who don't like to read or like listening to audiobooks. 

  • 6 They keep it on as background noise

    Some people turn on podcasts to act as background noise while they do their normal day-to-day activities such as cooking or cleaning. 

  • 7 Real conversations

    People like listening to podcasts for the conversations it contains that are real and informative and deliver a great amount of information. 

  • 8 It's unrehearsed

    Unlike TV interviews, podcasts are unrehearsed and uncut. Podcast conversations can go on for hours on end, which many listeners enjoy. 

  • 9 It has a variety of genres

    Podcasts have various genres that listeners can choose from depending on their mood and preference. 

  • 10 Indirect learning

    Listening to podcasts allows listeners to learn new things while they go about their day.