Why people on the internet are rude

  • 1 Absence of body language

    The absence of body language online makes normal comments sound ruder than they truly are. Both body language and facial expressions can reduce the negative intensity of a certain comment.

  • 2 Anonymity

    Because people know that they can get away with most things online due to anonymity, they usually become more free to do what they want and this can lead to rudeness. See why do people cyberbully.

  • 3 Absence of human emotions

    Because online emojis can hardly represent the complex array of human emotions, many misunderstandings can easily happen online and thus lead to rude conversations.

  • 4 They are haters

    Haters, jealous people, overly critical ones and mentally unstable persons find the internet a perfect medium to release some of their frustration and anger. This can lead to very rude comments. See why do people criticize others.

  • 5 Lack of empathy

    Because complete strangers talk to each other online sometimes, it becomes hard for some people to develop empathy for others. This lack of empathy can lead to very mean and rude comments.

  • 6 Jealousy leads to rudeness

    If a person got some online success like getting a good number of followers then some people might get jealous of that person. This jealousy can sometimes lead to rudeness. See how to identify jealous people.

  • 7 The herd mentality

    Some people get encouraged to become rude when they see others being rude and getting away with it. This explains why sometimes a video or a post gets a lot of hate from a large number of people.

  • 8 People want to be heard

    In face to face interactions, people get indirect feedback about whether they are being heard or not, but on the internet the absence of those signals can make people feel unheard.

  • 9 Excessive frustration

    On the internet, people can experience great levels of frustration as result of realizing that they can't change something that already happened such as the upload of a video that they don't like. In attempt to reduce this frustration, many people become aggressive.

  • 10 To get a false sense of control

    Some people become rude to others online to maintain a false sense of control, to raise their self-esteem by putting others down or to feel strong and capable.

  • 11 Lack of social interest

    According to individual psychology, people who lack social interest or who are too self-centered to understand others might become very rude to others, especially when they are anonymous.