Why people run marathons

  • 1 They like setting goals for themselves

    Some people live their lives by setting certain goals that they aim to achieve. Running a marathon is one of these goals for some people.

  • 2 To get fit

    Some people motivate themselves to get fit by planning to run a marathon, as it requires intense and constant training. 

  • 3 To raise awareness

    Some people run marathons for certain causes in order to raise awareness such as raising awareness for breast cancer. 

  • 4 To challenge themselves

    Running a marathon is a challenging activity which some people like to do if they enjoy a challenge every once in a while.

  • 5 To experience a sense of accomplishment

    Running a marathon is not an easy feat. Some people run it just to experience the sense of accomplishment when they finish it. 

  • 6 They are competitive

    Competitive people might be motivated to run a marathon to attempt to win first place. 

  • 7 They enjoy running

    Some people might run marathons simply because they enjoy running and want to take it one step further. 

  • 8 To break a record

    Some people attempt to break records that they set for themselves by running marathons. 

  • 9 To test themselves

    Some people like testing themselves and their bodies in order to see how much pain they can handle. Running a marathon is one way of testing yourself.

  • 10 To overcome obstacles

    For some people, running is a stress reliever and helps in overcoming certain obstacles, which might push some people to run marathons.

  • 11 To experience the runner's high

    Running releases endorphins, which makes the person experience the runner's high after completing a marathon.

  • 12 To stay healthy

    Some people, especially older ones, run marathons regularly to maintain their health and fight diseases.