Why people stream movies illegally

    Why people stream movies illegally

  • 1 They can't find a legal channel

    Many people watch movies online on illegal sites because they can't find a proper legal channel to watch the movie on.

  • 2 Legal apps don't have the movie

    Some legal apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime might not contain all the movies a person wants to see. In such a case, the person might decide to stream the movie from an illegal site. See why Netflix has very few movies.

  • 3 They don't want to pay money

    Some people choose to stream movies online illegally because they don't want to pay money to stream a specific video.

  • 4 Their country doesn't have access

    Some legal streaming services such as Amazon Prime doesn't work in some countries. People in those countries might have no option but to stream a movie illegally.

  • 5 The movie is still new

    Most new movies usually don't make it fast to the legal streaming apps and services. In such a case, a person might not find a way to watch the movie but to stream it online.

  • 6 The movie isn't in local theaters

    Some movies might not reach theaters in some countries. In such a case, people might find no way to watch the movie but to stream it online illegally.

  • 7 Weak law enforcement

    In some countries, there are no strict laws for streaming illegal content online. In such countries, illegal streaming becomes more of a cultural habit than a crime.

  • 8 They don't have credit cards

    Some people stream movies online because they don't have credit cards that would allow them to subscribe to a legal service.

  • 9 The movie industry is overly protective

    Unlike the music industry where a person can find almost everything on legal sites, the movie industry is still very protective and tries to delay the release of movies on the internet as much as possible.

  • 10 No access to theaters

    If a person has no access to theaters or if they work in a remote area, they might stream movies illegally.