Why people use Tinder

  • 1 To have casual sex

    One of the main reasons why people use Tinder is to find people to have casual sex with.

  • 2 To find love

    Some people use Tinder to find love and be in a relationship. See Why Tinder relationships don't work

  • 3 They're bored

    Some people use Tinder when they're bored and feel like entertaining themselves by checking out other people's profiles.

  • 4 To meet new people

    Some people sometimes use Tinder to meet new people when they go to a foreign or new country. 

  • 5 To boost their confidence

    Tinder can boost the confidence of its users due to its match feature, as it makes the person feel they're attractive and interesting. See Why is Tinder addictive

  • 6 Out of curiosity

    Some people use Tinder to see what the fuss is all about since it became widely popular, and to understand how it works.

  • 7 They're not good at face to face communication

    People who are not good at face to face communication might use Tinder to meet new people, as it allows them to communicate with strangers without the pressure of real life conversations.

  • 8 To get over a break up

    Some people start using Tinder after they get out of a relationship to help them move on after the break up.

  • 9 It's a trend

    Tinder became widely popular in a short period of time, which might have motivated people to start using it since it became a worldwide social trend. See Why did Tinder become successful

  • 10 To find interesting people

    Tinder is full of all types of people, which makes it interesting and fits everyone's taste, especially those who want to meet interesting people.

  • 11 They enjoy talking to strangers

    Some people enjoy talking to strangers, as it gives them the chance to be who they are without fear of judgement.

  • 12 They control what to share

    Tinder allows its users to control how they're seen on the app, which is satisfying for people who are picky about the things they share about themselves with other people.