Why people wear surgical masks in Japan

  • 1 Air pollution

    Japan sometimes gets affected by the air pollution in China, as the wind sweeps over the pollution and people are forced to wear masks to protect themselves.

  • 2 It's become a trend

    Surgical masks in Japan have become a trend and are manufactured using various designs, colors and patterns for people to choose from.

  • 3 To prevent themselves from getting sick

    In densely populated countries, some people wear surgical masks to prevent themselves from getting sick in crowded places. 

  • 4 To protect themselves from Hay Fever

    Hay Fever is common in Japan, which makes people wear masks in order not to catch it when they're out in public.

  • 5 Due to dry air

    Some Japanese people wear masks when they're exposed to dry air, such as in an airplane, in order to keep their mucous membrane moisturized.

  • 6 Due to bad smells in crowded places

    Some people like to wear masks in public when they're in a very crowded place and it reeks of a bad smell.

  • 7 They're sick

    People in Japan wear masks when they're sick and don't want to spread their sickness to other people. This is considered common courtesy in Japan and doctors also advise wearing masks when sick.

  • 8 Used as a beauty cover up

    Some women in Japan wear surgical masks when they feel like going out with no makeup.

  • 9 They have social anxiety

    Some people wear masks if they're shy and would like to hide in the crowd instead of standing out.