Why Playstation 4 has few games

    Why Playstation 4 has few games

  • 1 Exclusive deals limit the options

    The exclusive deals game-makers sometimes make result in the release of a game on one console and not another. Those kinds of deals reduced the available number of titles for both Xbox and PS4.

  • 2 The cost of production is very high

    The cost of producing a PS4 is much higher than the cost of producing a PS3 or PS2 game. The high costs resulted in less titles being produced for the PS4.

  • 3 The rise of mobile games

    Many developers find it much easier to create simple mobile games that can bring the same profits or even more profits than to develop a complex game for PS4.

  • 4 Games became more complex

    Developing a PS4 game became more complex than it was before. The complexity required, in addition to the high costs demotivated many developers. 

  • 5 The industry is not doing well

    The gaming console industry isn't doing well compared to how it was at the time PS2 or PS1 were released. This demotivated some developers from creating PS4 games.

  • 6 Few good titles

    The already small PS4 library has a small number of good titles, according to many PS4 owners. The lack of a good number of good titles made the small gaming library problem seem bigger.

  • 7 It takes a lot of time to develop a game

    Developing a PS4 title takes a large amount of time. This resulted in fewer games being available to those who own the console.