Why random strangers smile at you

    Why random strangers smile at you

  • 1 To make you feel safe

    People sometimes smile to others to make them feel comfortable or at peace. This is one reason why random strangers sometimes smile to kids.

  • 2 It's a part of the culture

    In some cities, people smile to strangers as a part of their culture. In such a case, strangers can smile to you as a result of the habit they learned.

  • 3 They are being nice

    People can smile to others to show that they are nice and friendly. This is one reason why some people smile to others inside elevators.

  • 4 They are extroverts

    Extroverts find it easier to connect with strangers. Extroverts are thus more likely to smile to strangers than introverts. See why are some people extroverts.

  • 5 They want to start a conversation

    People sometimes smile to strangers in order to start a conversation with them. In such a case, a certain level of interest might be present.

  • 6 They are happy people

    People who are happy are more likely to smile at others than people who are not. If a person is in a good mood then they might smile to random strangers.

  • 7 They are friendly

    Some people are overly friendly. Those people might spread smiles as they interact with others.

  • 8 They want to ask you for something

    If a person wants to ask for help such as asking for directions then they might smile to you first. If those people got a smile back then they might proceed to ask for the favor.

  • 9 They want to socialize

    Some people smile at random strangers because they like socializing. If those people get a smile back then they will start a conversation.

  • 10 They are confident

    When a person feels confident about themselves, they might feel like smiling to others. Smiling to people in such a case is one way of being humble.

  • 11 They think you are attractive

    A person could smile to you if they believe you are attractive. In such a case, those people might be hoping to get to know you.