Why reading is important

  • 1 To learn new things

    Some books are educational; they can teach you new things and help you know things that you previously didn't know. 

  • 2 To develop more skills

    Reading can help you develop new skills that you didn't have before. Once you learn the know how of something, it will become much easier for you to do it.

  • 3 To get a new perspective

    Reading can help you gain a totally new perspective on a certain issue. This perspective can help you take better decisions and do things better.

  • 4 To gain experience

    Reading can help you gain more experience about the world. By reading about the experiences someone else went through, you can develop more experience in life.

  • 5 You learn to focus

    Our world is very distracting and reading requires a lot of mental focus for a person to comprehend what they are reading. Reading can thus help you develop mental focus.

  • 6 To develop your imagination

    Reading can help you develop your imagination and become more creative.

  • 7 To improve your language

    Reading can help you improve your own language or learn a foreign language in a short period of time.

  • 8 To improve verbal communication

    People who read often are more likely to have a rich vocabulary and so they are more likely to communicate better with others.

  • 9 To improve your memory

    Reading can help you improve your memory and become better at remembering things.

  • 10 To entertain yourself

    Good books can be very entertaining. Not only will you be learning new things, but you will also be entertaining yourself.

  • 11 To find answers

    Reading is very important, for it can help you find answers to the important questions that are troubling you in life.

  • 12 To educate yourself

    Many people self-educate themselves through reading without having to get a degree or study somewhere.

  • 13 It reduces stress

    Reading can help you disconnect from the stress of the world. Reading can thus help you reduce stress in your life.

  • 14 To become more patient

    Reading requires patience since you will have to go through pages and pages before you finish a book. Reading can thus help you develop more patience.

  • 15 It helps you sleep

    Reading can help you sleep in case you have any trouble sleeping.

  • 16 It gives you solutions

    Reading can help you find solutions to your problems. You can read a book related to a problem that you are facing then find a solution for that problem.

  • 17 It makes you feel good

    According to studies, we humans feel good when we learn something new. The satisfaction that comes from knowing a new useful thing can improve a person's mood.