Why sarcasm is bad

  • 1 It makes people feel bad

    The type of sarcasm that puts people down or makes them feel less worthy than others can hurt them. While the sarcastic comment might seem funny, it could be considered a hostile action by the receiver.

  • 2 It could be misinterpreted

    While a person might become sarcastic in order to joke, a person can also become sarcastic to release hatred, jealousy or emotional resentment. Sarcasm can thus be misunderstood even if has no bad intentions behind it. See why do people criticize others.

  • 3 It creates tension

    Since a sarcastic comment can have many intentions behind it, lots of tension can be created as a result of sarcasm. A person might keep questioning the intention behind the sarcastic comment, which can ruin a relationship.

  • 4 It could be a sign of hate

    Hateful people, those who have lots of suppressed anger and other bad emotions will usually become overly sarcastic to get rid of those emotions. Sarcasm can thus be a direct sign of hate or it can at least make you seem like a hater. See reasons people hate others.

  • 5 Hostility disguised as humor

    Sarcasm can be nothing more than hostility disguised as humor. The sarcastic person can have some hostility towards others that they release as sarcasm. See signs that someone hates themselves.

  • 6 It could be a sign of mental instability

    Sarcasm could be a sign of a bigger mental problem such as inferiority, sadism, lack of social interest or anti-social behavior. Some people become very sarcastic because suffer from some kind of mental instability.

  • 7 It's one form of bullying

    Sarcasm is one form of bullying that is disguised as humor. Sarcasm can be considered a form of bullying even if the one who says the sarcastic comment has good intentions.

  • 8 It prevents meaningful communication

    Sarcasm can prevent meaningful communication from taking place and can thus result in ruining a relationship. Many relationships end because one partner becomes too sarcastic that communication becomes impossible.

  • 9 It will make matters worse

    Some people try to use sarcasm to fix things, but they end up making matters worse. Many people get offended when they get a sarcastic comment, and as a result, things might take a bad turn.

  • 10 It might show lack of empathy

    According to psychologists, lack of empathy is one common trait among psychopaths and many criminals. Overly-sarcastic people might have less empathy towards others since they don't really mind hurting them with their comments. See how to tell if someone is a psychopath.

  • 11 It can ruin self-esteem

    Sarcasm can lower people's self-esteem and make them feel bad about themselves. When a person receives a sarcastic comment that makes them feel less confident, they are very likely to hate the sarcastic person.

  • 12 People will consider you mean

    Sarcasm can make a person seem very mean. The more hurtful the sarcastic comment is, the meaner you will sound to people, especially the ones receiving the comment.

  • 13 It can make you a coward

    Sarcasm can be used by people to escape confronting an issue directly. When a person lacks enough courage to face something, they might end up being sarcastic. This behavior in turn will make the person less and less brave as they learn to avoid conflict.